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C L E M E N S   K R A U S S


March 3 - April 15, 2023

Opening hours 

Tue–Fri, 11am–6pm

Sat, 11am–3pm

Getreidemarkt 14

1010 Wien

Clemens Krauss6038.jpg

We are very pleased to present the exhibition Indices by the Berlin-based Austrian artist Clemens Krauss in our Vienna gallery. On display are 25 new canvas works that focus on the role of the individual in an increasingly complex, tangled, and disturbing world.

Clemens Krauss is known for his impasto paintings, executed with thick applications of color. In reduced, almost minimalist motifs, he deals with the relationship of the individual to the masses, with the living out or exclusion of individual needs in the social environment.

For his exhibition Indices, Krauss has created a new series of works in which he takes up the theme of the conflicting and yet mutually dependent forces of isolation and togetherness in a particularly intense way. His painting style seems more gestural, intuitive, determined, angry, then again more tender, vulnerable, and sensitive than ever before. Is it due to his own personal experiences? Does it reflect the circumstances of the times that affect us all?

Krauss himself says, “The distorted bodies in the new works interact and collide with the surrounding space, merge and separate from it, becoming a choreography of human identities that can be simultaneously delimited and limited, embodying the full range of human affects and sensations.”

Clemens Krauss was born in 1981 in Graz, Austria, and has lived in Berlin since 2007. After completing his art studies at the University of the Arts in Berlin, he trained as a psychoanalyst so that he could incorporate knowledge about the human psyche into his art practice. Krauss has had a number of institutional solo and group exhibitions, including at MOCA, Los Angeles; the Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Kunstmuseum Bonn; S.M.A.K Gent; Berlinische Galerie; Marta Herford; Kulturhuset Stockholm; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chengdu; Curitiba Biennale; and the Havana Biennale to name a few.


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