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Swipe Up

September 14 – October 23, 2021

Opening hours 

Wed–Fri, 12pm–6pm


We are very pleased to present the first solo exhibition by artist Ruscha Voormann in our Berlin project

space Crone Side. The exhibition takes place as part of the new art event Gallery Weekend *Discoveries, which aims to introduce young, emerging artists to a wider public for the first time. Under the title Swipe Up, Voormann is showing a series of works of large- format, abstract picture compositions made of acrylic paint, acrylic glass and plexiglas.


The title Swipe Up is derived from the gesture of applying paint, in which the artist deals with the reactive behaviour of acrylic paint between a plexiglas plate and the actual painting surface, the canvas. The plexiglas plate is usually used in the form of a round disc. Through targeted, rotating movements, it leaves traces of paint between itself and the canvas. This creates an interaction between control and loss of control. The plexiglass and acrylic glass plates give the paintings their original and genuine motifs while at the same time remaining connected to the works as immanent components.


A similar theme is taken up in the series Ousia Facing Reality, in which the artist plays with pre-composed, geometric surfaces and paint, which is subsequently poured onto the canvas. For Ruscha Voormann, this is a visual metaphor for coping with life: managing the balancing act between pursuing the controllable and surrendering and trusting the unconscious.


Ruscha Voormann was born in Flensburg in 1992 as the daughter of the graphic artist and musician Klaus Voormann. She grew up in Bernried at Lake Starnberg and has lived in Munich since 2010, where she is now

studying with Gregor Hildebrandt at the Academy of Fine Arts.


After initially focussing exclusively on figurative motifs and works, she developed a strong affinity for abstract painting in 2014, which has increasingly intensified and solidified. For Ruscha Voormann, abstraction means searching for a place of residence or refuge that every human being carries within him or herself and can access through certain sensory perceptions.

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